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Palmetto Security offers a variety of Environmental Alarm Systems. An Environmental Alarm System is a very important system to have if you travel or are away from your home or business, it can look after your home and alert you to any issues while you are away.

Temperature and Alarms

Our low temperature alarms can help you avoid costly repairs caused by cold weather home heating failures. If the temperature in your home or business drops below a pre-set level, the low temperature sensor will immediately signal our Security Central Monitoring Station in SC: What great protection if you’re away from home during those cold winter months!


High temperature alarms – often used for pet safety, greenhouses, computer rooms and/or wine cellars – provide notification when the temperature goes above a pre-set level.

Water Level / Flow Alarms

Here’s a way to protect your home from rising water or basement floods. Water/flood sensors installed near your water heater(s) or basement plumbing can enable quick detection of rising water before costly water damage occurs. Sensors can detect leaks, burst pipes, rainwater and/or flood water, and provide notification of the unwanted presence and/or improper amount of water in the monitored environment.

Carbon Monoxide / Combustible Gas

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that’s produced when a fuel is incompletely burned. It’s often found in premises which use a combustion process – furnace, hot water heater, natural gas stove, etc. Carbon monoxide can be deadly. Carbon monoxide detectors provide an early warning, before the carbon monoxide gas builds up to a dangerous level.

Combustible gas alarms can detect leaks of natural, propane, radon and methane gases. They can also sense acetone, alcohol, butane and gasoline vapors that could explode with a spark.

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